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jpedMeteorology - Meteorology Note Book

The Keys to Meteorology
Orbital Considerations
Heat Budgets
The General Circulation
Adiabatic Processes and Thermo-Dyanimics
Clausius Calepheron Equations
All About Moist Air
The Saturated Adiabatic Lapse Rate
Foundations of the Tephigram
The Tephigram
The Basic Equations of Meteorology
Continuity and Potential Vorticity
Depressions and the Upper Air
frontal models
kinematics of the velocity field
upper air and development
upper air and its features
upper air appreciation
satellite meteorology
weather chart
Met Summary
The Mediterranean



These links are to notes which I made to support my teaching at the Royal Navy's Meteorology School in the early noughties. Having been widely experienced as a weather forecaster in a variety of locations whilst also being originally educated as a mathematician I was very anxious to understand the physical and dynamic theory of the subject and be able to read and understand all the equations. These notes, made from a variety of sources are the fruits of this study.