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Data and Location
Location from Tables
Dispersion, Percentiles and Quartiles
Standard Deviation and Variance
Representing Data
Monty Hall Problem
Trees and Events
Discrete Random Variables
The Normal Distribution
The General Normal Distribution
The Binomial Distribution
The Poisson Distribution
Continuous Random Variables
Continuous Uniform Distribution
Approximation of Binomial and Poisson by the Normal Distribution
Approximation of Binomila by Normal Distribution
The Art of Statistics
Hypothesis Tests
Choosing the Appropriate Distribution
Statistic Dictionary
Combining Random Variables
The Central Limit Theorem
Confidence Intervals for the Mean
Hypothesis Tests for the Mean
Hypothesis Test for the Difference between two Means
Chi Squared Test Distribution - Theory
Chi Squared Examples
Contingency Tables
Hypothesis Test Equals Zero
Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient



These lessons follow the order S1, S2 and S3. The classes were given to an excellent group of itelligent and highly motiavted sixth formers. We didn't hang around.