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Introduction to Complex Numbers
Modulus and Argument
Roots of Polynomials, Problems
Conic Sections
Complex Numbers and Euler's Relation
De Moivres Theorem
De Moivres and Trig Identities
Complex Roots
Loci in the Complex Plane
Transformations in the Complex Plane
Anatomy of a Differential Equation Solution
Variable Separable DE
First Order Exact DE
First Order Integrating Factor DE
First Order DE by Substitution
Second Order Homogeneous DE proof of solution
Second Order Linear Particular Integrals
Second Order DE by Substitution
Taylor, MacLaurin
Polar Coordinates
Intro to Hyperbolics
Hyperbolic Identities
Inverse Hypobolic Functions
Conic Sections in General
Mixed Conic Sections
More Conic Sections
Differentiation of Hyperbolic Functions and Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Differention of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
A Strategy for Differentiation
Reduction Formulae
Applications of Integration - Arc Length and Surface of Revolution
Vector Product
Cross Product and Volumes
Lines and Planes
Vector Geometry - Angles
Vector Geometry - Distances
Matrices and Linear Transformations
Eigen Vectors
Diagonalise a Symmetric Matrix



These pages contain mathematics material relavant to teachers and students at school. They contain board work and other material from mathematics lessons which cover topics from IGCSE to GCE Further Mathematics (Edexcel).

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