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jpedMathematics - Lesson Archive - A2 Core 3 and 4

rational expressions and long division of polynomials
introduction to functions
composition of functions
inverse functions
inverse functions, the modulus function
transformation of functions
reciprocal trigonometry
inverse trig and new identities
Rcos theta plus alpha problems
exp and log
equations in exp and log
compound, double and half angle formulae
differentiating exp and log
chain rule
product and quotient rule
implicit differentiation
numerical methods - iteration
partial fractions
parametric equations
integration of exp functions
integrating 1/x
integrating further standard results
yet more intergration
integration by substitution
itegration by parts
integration using partial fractions
integration using trig identities
volumes of revolution
differential equations - variable separable
errors in the trapezium rule
trapezium rule example
trapezium rule treatment of errors
thinking about vectors
vector lines
intersection of 2 lines



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