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Arithmetic and geometric progressions
sum of AP
sum of GP
Binomial Theorem
Binomial Examples
Circular measure - radians
Trigonometric functions
Trig identities
Logs and exponential functions
Basic algebra
completing the square and quadratics
functions and graphs
transformation of functions
coordinate geometry - points and lines
differentiation examples
turning points - max and min
curve sketching
points of inflexion
applications of differentiation then C2 integration
definite integrals
definite integrals as areas
areas between curves
trapezium rule
polynomials, long division and the factor theorem
remainder theorem
coordinate geometry and the circle



These pages contain mathematics material relavant to teachers and students at school. They contain board work and other material from mathematics lessons which cover topics from IGCSE to GCE Further Mathematics (Edexcel).

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