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This page gives access to a large number of examination resources for Cambridge Mathematics Sixth Term Entrance Papers (STEP). I have included links to official Hints and Solutions where they exist and my 'write outs' in some cases; there is not nearly a full coverage of solutions for the earlier papers. In many ways this is a good thing. It is best for students to try the work unaided in order to develop the kind of resourceful and independent thinking required for a top level mathematics degree course; often, you know when you have got the answer correct.

This material is presented purely for the use of students preparing for examinations.

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I don't find STEP questions easy, particularly when I return to them after a break. Once one gains some familiarity with the questions and contexts it is OK but when you are out of practice, even if working on higher mathematics, it is not at all clear what is going on with the questions. All this suggests that there is a STEP mentality or way of thinking. The STEP questions setters are game keepers and pupils and teachers are poachers. My Naval and Military back ground lead me to think in adversarial terms and to believe that reverse engineering the questions could lead to a set of Tactics and Strategies for success in tackling this game between game keepers and poachers. I present this incomplete and ever evolving list of sixth for mathematical extensions for the use of all here. Tactics and Strategies in STEP.