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Straight Line Graphs
Circle Theorems
Set Theory for IGCSE
Graphs for IGCSE
6b Early Revision
C1C2 Integration
Trigonometric Identities
C4 Integration
C4 Vectors
Complete Differential Equations
Why Hyperbolic Functions are Hyperbolic
Taylor and Maclaurin Series
Complex Numbers - Easy
Complex Numbers - Advanced
All Out Integration
Reduction Formulae
Set Theory and Logic for School Maths
S2 Probability Distributions
All About e, natural logs and the exponential function
The Calculation of Pi
The Golden Section



These pages contain mathematics material relavant to teachers and students at school. They contain board work and other material from mathematics lessons which cover topics from IGCSE to GCE Further Mathematics (Edexcel).

There is no guarantee as to the accuracy of the content. The work is not perfect and, no doubt, includes errors.