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jpedMathematics - Maths Web Links

MyAlgebra - on-line algebra calculator and problem solver

QuickMath - on-line maths problem solver

Fooplot - on-line graphing site

MIT Open Course Ware - This site provides bags of open source lecture and exercise material.

NRICH Weekly Challenges - Good source maths challenges and problems.

PLUS - Excellent on-line mathematics magazine for schools and aspiring maths undergraduates

Wolfram Alpha - a 'computational knowledge engine', looks usefull, haven't used it yet.

NCTEM - maths teaching website.

Maths Challenge - a good source of challenges and problems.

Integral Maths - MEI resources for GCSE and A level.

EUCLID'S ELEMENTS - a faithfull reproduction of this ancient text book using Java applets.

Wolfram On-Line Integrator - a usefull site when you get stuck when integrating.

Maths Applets - interactive diagrams usefull for classroom demonstrations.





These web links cover a variety of mathematical areas. There are problem and challenge sites, sites of historical interest and sites which assist calculation and visualisation.