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These pages contain mathematics material relavant to the teaching and learning of mathematics at school. This is mostly board work from old lessons and other notes relating to Edexcel's IGCSE and GCE A level. There is a wide coverage from pure/further pure to statistics and mechanics. Past papers, mark schemes and model answer 'write outs' are included for a wide range of Edexcel A and AS level maths modules (C1 to 4, M1 to M4, S1 to S3, FP1 to 3) as well as IGCSE and FSMQ / Additional Mathematics.

Whilst not designed for publication and left here only for personal and private use the material has supported many successful mathematics students. I am happy to hear from those who are interested in the teaching and learning of mathematics. contact jped

I have also really enjoyed working with students on the National Cipher Challenge and think that this competition is an excellent vehicle for learning some elementary computer programming skills. I have coded a number of a simple letter frequency tools in php/html to get folks started and a link to these is included in the left hand column.

There is no guarantee as to the accuracy of the content. The work is not perfect and, no doubt, includes errors.